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Smu Presents: Freeway & Eminem – The Freelapse – The Smu Mixes

I’m back with a new project! As you can see i took Freeway’s “Freelapse” and decided to mash it up with Eminem’s Original Songs.

This project was made all in a one day’s work.

I decided to make this an Freeway and Eminem project only but I ended up havin Dr.Dre on 2 Tracks to keep the originality of Em’s classics.

Production is provided by Dr.Dre,Eminem & Jeff Bass


1. Forgot About Dre [Smu Mix] [Produced by Dr.Dre]

2. What’s The Difference [Smu Mix] (featuring Dr.Dre) [Produced by Dr.Dre]

3. Role Model [Smu Mix] [Produced by Dr.Dre]

4. Without [Smu Mix] [Produced by Dr.Dre]

5. Say What You Say [Smu Mix] (featuring Dr.Dre) [Produced by Dr.Dre]

6.Sing For The Moment [Smu Mix] (featuring Steven Tyler of Aerosmith) [Produced by Eminem & Jeff Bass]

Download the Project here: Freeway & Eminem – The Freelapse – The Smu Mixes (Mediafire,Zip,ca. 40 MB)

This Mixtape/Mix Album is for Promotional Uses only

Bobby Creekwater – Back 2 Briefcase [Mixtape]

Some new flava for your ear. Here is the brand new Mixtape of Bobby Creekwater mixed by DJ A-Plus. 17 Joints and no signs of slowing down.Be on the lookout for his future projects. And trust me,you won’t be disappointed!

Before I post the Tracklist I also want to show y’all the Message that I received with this mixtape by Bobby Creekwater himself:


Welcome ladies & gentleman to another B.C. experience. Back to Briefcase 2 is the first installment of 8 mixtapes that will be released between now and October.

This particular project is me reconnecting with not only the streets, but the fans that have supported my music unconditionally.

This project is meant to further showcase my abilities and also serve as a launching pad for things to come.

We at BGOV pride ourselves in making quality music…timeless music to be exact.

Anything less is the competition! I would like to thank DJ A-Plus and for their unwavering support in this project. We at BGOV hope you enjoy…Partake!


Bobby Creekwater



  1. Intro
  2. Boyz On The Block
  3. October 19th
  4. Aroma
  5. Lust For Life (Memix)
  6. Warm Up
  7. Invented Checks
  8. Harder
  9. Farewell
  10. Wasted (Memix)
  11. A World
  12. Definition Of Creek
  13. Whatever You Want
  14. Two Hundred Grand
  15. I’m So Cool
  16. Business Man
  17. Outro

Download the Mixtape right here: Bobby Creekwater – Back 2 Briefcase [Mixtape] (Hosted by DJ A-Plus)

Big shout out to Bobby Creekwater,Stephan “Steve-O” Friedman and the Team of BGOV for sending this through.

Ludacris feat Ciara,Rick Ross,Pitbull & Twista – How Low [Smu Mix]

Yesterday I dropped a Mix of a C-N-N Joint that came out last year. Today I’m back with a Mix of a quite recent Joint called “How Low” by Ludacris of his upcomming Album “Battle Of The Sexes” without Shawnna.

To give his Fans a lil taste he leaked it to the net earlier last month.

I can imagine this getting a lot of plays in the Nightclubs/Disco’s since it’s not a typical Hip Hop record.

Luda get’s joined by Ciara,the Bawse Rick Ross,Pitbull and Twista for my Mix.

You can download the Joint by usin the link below

Ludacris feat Ciara,Rick Ross,Pitbull & Twista – How Low [Smu Mix]

Have a nice day and remember to stay true to yourself!

“Battle Of The Sexes” comming soon!

C-N-N,Ron Browz & Various Artists – Rotate [Smu Monster Remix]

I’m back with a new Monster Remix of a C-N-N tune that i personally didn’t like at first but after a few spins i kinda started diggin it and mixed it up.

8 Minutes and 16 Seconds of Eastcoast Hip Hop on a Ron Browz Beat.

Song Name: Rotate Monster Remix (by Smu)

Artists: C-N-N & Ron Browz featuring Swizz Beatz,Busta Rhymes,Jadakiss,Maino,Sho Bollotti,Uncle Murda,Joell Ortiz,Charlie Hustle,Spliff Star,Hell Rell,D.O.E.,Tru-Life,Mike Beck(Rest in Peace) & Max B

Producer: Ron Browz aka Ether Boy

If you should add this to your blog make sure you tell your visitors where you got it from. Shouts to all the Bloggers that claim to have Exclusives and then keep comming with excuses like “This upload takes ages” and all that other shit. Get a job and stop suckin “industry dicks” to get new music okay? This goes especially to FDL.

Sorry about that rant now back to the music…

Here’s the Link to the Monster Mix

C-N-N feat Various Artists – Rotate [DJ Smu Monster Mix]

Shoutout to Shake and Meka of the Dopehouse,No Mercy,00SE7EN,Alessandro and the homie Rob.