Smu Presents: Freeway & Eminem – The Freelapse – The Smu Mixes

I’m back with a new project! As you can see i took Freeway’s “Freelapse” and decided to mash it up with Eminem’s Original Songs.

This project was made all in a one day’s work.

I decided to make this an Freeway and Eminem project only but I ended up havin Dr.Dre on 2 Tracks to keep the originality of Em’s classics.

Production is provided by Dr.Dre,Eminem & Jeff Bass


1. Forgot About Dre [Smu Mix] [Produced by Dr.Dre]

2. What’s The Difference [Smu Mix] (featuring Dr.Dre) [Produced by Dr.Dre]

3. Role Model [Smu Mix] [Produced by Dr.Dre]

4. Without [Smu Mix] [Produced by Dr.Dre]

5. Say What You Say [Smu Mix] (featuring Dr.Dre) [Produced by Dr.Dre]

6.Sing For The Moment [Smu Mix] (featuring Steven Tyler of Aerosmith) [Produced by Eminem & Jeff Bass]

Download the Project here: Freeway & Eminem – The Freelapse – The Smu Mixes (Mediafire,Zip,ca. 40 MB)

This Mixtape/Mix Album is for Promotional Uses only

    • HY
    • February 15th, 2010

    well i can only download zip hatter

  1. this is tight

  2. pause though

  3. I Have to accept that the posting relating to Eminem or should I say Marshall Bruce Mathers III got my attention as I have not checked your blog before. As his father left his family when he was a child the internet years has been opportunity for money and mass media coverage which he has taken on well, fending off the downfall with way too much coverage and exposure gone through by other famous people. Lately I’ve become his number uno fan and can not get too much information or postings about Eminem’s media coverage. Admired his previous releases Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers, The Eminem Show, Encore, Relapse although the messages sometimes are oppressive. Black overtones and not working for a cheerful planet.

  1. February 15th, 2010
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