Drake,Mary J. Blige,T.I. & Swizz Beatz – Fancy [Smu Mix]

I’m not a huge fan of this record but when i found out that Mary J.Blige was lacing up some vocals for this Record i gave it a second chance. Drake’s Lyrics were edited  on the Remix (i fixed that don’t worry) but were untouched on the original with TIP and Swizz so i mixed both versions together for your listening pleasure.

Download: Drake,Mary J.Blige,T.I. & Swizz Beatz – Fancy [Smu Mix]

Be on the lookout for the next Hip Hop Weekly Reloaded Joint dropping shortly!

And before y’all ask yes this was a requested mix… I just thought i share it with the masses,because i know a few Drake fans out there.

    • ThumpersOnTuck
    • October 16th, 2010

    you got a DOPE ASS site, keep it up! came here from looking for this track, but the link was dead already.
    but checked the rest of the site & you got quite the collection. props to you.

    i do the same thing sometimes, mixing different versions of the same song, or taking certain lines or artists OFF. I think I have a slightly different perspective, being more focused to “how it SHOULD have been”. you seem a little bit free-er with it, putting random ass “no-name”-ers and damn near anybody that has a verse available on whatever (except Gucci, duly noted!). I kinda can’t stand it when a wack line or verse fucks up a great record so I really like editing them shits off.

    for example, the version I’d make of “Fancy” would keep the fly ass new intro, & Mary’s added adlibs, but not keep her verse, because her verse kinda sucks, in my opinion.

    one my other pet peeves is the artists shouting “REEMIIIIIIIIIXXXX” all over something, or really, anything that acknowledges it’s a remix at all. I prefer to let the new version completely replace the first, as the new “actual” song. Or as a “Part II” if that’s more the case. So I edit references like that, and then typically put the added verses later in the song, NOT just slapped at the beginning like they usually do.

    anyways, good work homey. I’ll keep checking back

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