Redman speaking on Def Jam

Does the headline remind you of something? You’re not wrong because it wasn’t even a month ago when Nas posted his “polite” E-Mail to the Def Jam Executives about his “Lost Tapes 2” Project.

Now Redman speaks on the current state of Def Jam but not as harsh as Mr.Jones or Shyne did.

“Well [now], Def Jam are not leaders. They’re not leaders plain and simple, because it’s changed. They’re not leaders like they used to be. In the ’90′s they were leaders. They were the label that you considered the mechanics of hip-hop; they’re under the car. They were the ones under the car getting greasy, getting dirty, fixing that muffler that drags when everybody loved that sh*t and was following it. Now they’re playing the follower. They’re followers; they’re not building artists no more like they should. And that’s just the game. It’s not they fault. We got into the Internet world and sh*t is moving fast and came so fast and came so quick that labels couldn’t exist, but still they got the money and they’re a company. They’re supposed to adjust. I think they need to get that going. Being a label, being on top.Yeah they have to play catch up. They have to catch up now. The way the labels were ran back then in the ’90′s. We had tapes and even from studio equipment a lot of people weren’t prepared for that, like getting rid of their 24 track reel tapes. So yes, it came up quick on a lot of labels with this viral [thing] and [now] you’re able to do songs in the comforts of your own home. They shutting studios down, you can get known through Facebook or whatever. You don’t have to wait for a label to put you out now, so yes I think the labels are shut down a little bit and sizing down a lot.”

Hmm i’m not even surprised about it since they haven’t even made the effort in promoting his upcomming Album “Reggie” which drops this comming Tuesday (December 7th).You didn’t know? Blame Def Jam and their shitty promo team

All i can say is Def Jam Syndrome and dear Def Jam execs: Get your shit straight!

Spotted at Karen Civil’s Place

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