Smu Presents Smu Mixes:The Tape (The Re-Issue 2011)

Earlier today i posted the Tracklist to keep you over till the Tape drops…
It’s finally there and trust me it’s worth the wait. I put a lot of effort in this mixin,labeling and arranging the tracklisting.
All joints are NO DJ for your listening pleasure!

In case you need the Tracklist you can click here

Download: Smu presents Smu Mixes:The Tape (Re-Issue 2011)

Alternative: Disc 1 (1-21)|Disc 2 (22-42)

Shout outs to Nicole,Leesha,Ronja,Khaleel,Joker,No Mercy,Madness,Mills,Stroydnaire,Kayne,Tay,Sandra,Favela,Hex Murda,Asher Roth,Jen,Cali Honey,Brickz,J Stac,Jazzy,Crooked I & The C.O.B. Family!

    • Mike
    • June 30th, 2011

    Is there a FASTER>>>>><< LINK? like mediafire or hulkshare?

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