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50 Cent Featuring Eminem & Adam Levine – My Life (Edits) [Dirty/CDQ]

I heard people complaining about either 50 or Eminem being wack on this new single so i decided to make 2 Edits for everyone to enjoy.
Pick one of them if you like (or both)

Download:50 Cent & Adam Levine – My Life [Smu Edit] (Dirty)
Download:Eminem & Adam Levine – My Life [Smu Edit] (Dirty)

Eminem featuring Busta Rhymes – Shady’s Revenge [Smu Mix Edit]

Here’s some new shit for y’all! I cut together the Busta Rhymes Remix and Eminem’s Verses and kept Miss Minaj on the (random ass) hook and entitled it Shady’s Revenge.

Expect a special xmas gift for y’all real soon packed with Mixes that i made but never got around to post.

Download: Eminem featuring Busta Rhymes – Shady’s Revenge [Smu Mix Edit] (Produced by Swizz Beatz)

Raekwon,The Game,Busta Rhymes – About Me [Smu Mix] (Beatchange Edit)

3 dope Emcee’s on one Dr.Dre Beat,Yezzir! Despite the Detox fuckery that is going on this is probably one of the better Beats i heard in the last 2-3 months from Dr.Dre.

Busta was featured on the Album Version of “About Me” (the song formerly known as “N***a Me”) with a slightly different Beat than the one Game was rapping over on the Remix of the Gold Edition of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2.

Anyway i still thought i throw those 2 together,if you’re not a fan of Beatchange Edits then this probably won’t work out for you.

Download: Raekwon,The Game,Busta Rhymes – About Me [Smu Mix] (Beatchange Edit) [Produced by Dr.Dre] (Usershare) | Mirror (Hulkshare)

Game,Ja Rule,T.I. & Robin Thicke – Pushin’ It [Smu Mix]

Game took a 2 Year Old Ja Rule Joint,takes Rule off and recruits T.I. for the 2nd Verse.

I thought it’s fair to give Ja some credit for doing the actual Track before Game decided to put it on his album.

Smu Mix ladies and gents!

Game,Ja Rule,T.I. & Robin Thicke – Pushin’ It [Smu Mix]

Game – 400 Bars [Skeemix + The Beats]

(Kanye West at the “Wouldn’t Get Far” Video Set,rockin Game’s Chains)

Game dropped the “Original” 400 Bars Joint over Exhibit C about a week ago.Now that he got DJ Skee back on board for his latest Mixtape entitled the R.E.D. Room,it was just right to make a Skee Mix with changing Beats instead of the 20 Minute Madness over Exhibit C (No Disrespect to Just Blaze or Jay Electronica at this point). I went through the Track about 4 times and wrote down all the Beats i’ve recognized. The rest got corrected by other people who were kind enough to help me out. There’s still some Gaps but the majority is done.

Download here: Game – 400 Bars [Skeemix]

The Beats:
Today Was a Good Day,
Apollo Kids,
Ice Cream,
Black Superman,
9 MM,
Shawty Say,
Always Strapped,
Dirt Off Your Shoulders,
Jigga My N***a,
Dead Wrong,
All About The Benjamins,
Men Lie,Women Lie,But Numbers Don’t,
Kinda Like a Big Deal,
Run This Town,
I’m Talkin to you,
Big Poppa,
(scratch,slowed) Ignorant Shit/Summer With Miami;(scratch) I Get Around
Ambitions as a Ridah,
Hail Mary,
Notorious Thugs,
Steady Mobbin,
Go DJ,
Beamer,Benz Or Bentley,
Make The Trap Say Aye,
Say Something,
(Some Waka Flocka Joint),
That’s Gangsta,
Massive Attack,
Good Life,
Air forces,
Hip Hop,
Popular Demand (Popeyes),
Can’t Tell Me Nothing,
I’m Back,
Throw Some D’s,
Scared Money,
My Life,
Dem Boyz,
I’m Goin’ In,
Mama Loves Me,

Big Shout out to DJ Skee for the heads up!

Game,Nas,Styles P & Snoop Dogg – Westside Story [L.A. to N.Y. Smu Mix] (Produced by Dr.Dre)

I remember when this Joint dropped back in the old G-Unit Days .

I decided to flip this single a bit and added 2 Dope Eastcoast MC’s to Game’s Westside Dedication with Snoop on the hook (not 50 Cent). I wonder why this Version hasn’t made the cut either but they must’ve had their reasons.

Dr.Dre on the production,taken from the Album “The Documentary”

I Hope you like what you hear and spread the word:

Download: Game,Nas,Styles P & Snoop Dogg – Westside Story [L.A. to N.Y. Smu Mix] (Produced by Dr.Dre)

Smu Presents: Freeway & Eminem – The Freelapse – The Smu Mixes

I’m back with a new project! As you can see i took Freeway’s “Freelapse” and decided to mash it up with Eminem’s Original Songs.

This project was made all in a one day’s work.

I decided to make this an Freeway and Eminem project only but I ended up havin Dr.Dre on 2 Tracks to keep the originality of Em’s classics.

Production is provided by Dr.Dre,Eminem & Jeff Bass


1. Forgot About Dre [Smu Mix] [Produced by Dr.Dre]

2. What’s The Difference [Smu Mix] (featuring Dr.Dre) [Produced by Dr.Dre]

3. Role Model [Smu Mix] [Produced by Dr.Dre]

4. Without [Smu Mix] [Produced by Dr.Dre]

5. Say What You Say [Smu Mix] (featuring Dr.Dre) [Produced by Dr.Dre]

6.Sing For The Moment [Smu Mix] (featuring Steven Tyler of Aerosmith) [Produced by Eminem & Jeff Bass]

Download the Project here: Freeway & Eminem – The Freelapse – The Smu Mixes (Mediafire,Zip,ca. 40 MB)

This Mixtape/Mix Album is for Promotional Uses only

Jay-Z feat Styles P & Eminem – Renegade [Smu Mix] (Prod. by Eminem)


Styles P joins Hova and Eminem on the legendary “Renegade” Song.I only used Jay’s and Em’s 2nd Verses for this mix otherwise it would have been too long.

You can listen/download to the mix by clicking the link below:

Jay-Z feat Eminem & Styles P – Renegade Smu Mix

Be on the look out for Blueprint 3 and DJ Hero (with new Hova and Eminem Songs) comming soon.

Eminem ft Cashis & 50 Cent – Jimmy Crack Corn [Smu Mix](Prod. by Eminem)


This Cut previously appeared on the Mixtape/Album The Re-Up featuring 50 Cent,but i found out cashis used this Beat too so i added him to the original.

The Beat was produced by Eminem himself.

Eminem feat Cashis & 50 Cent – Jimmy Crack Corn Smu Mix (Prod. by Eminem)