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Something Different: DJ Premier responds to Canibus’ Diss Record

Y’all probably heard about this if you read the blogs or online magazines or however you call them…Canibus got at DJ Premier on a Track called “Tell The Truth/Monster” for a statement he made about ‘bis on VladTV. He basically told DJ Vlad that Canibus was his “most complicated client” because he turned down a Beat called Devil’s Pie (that was then handed to D’Angelo) back in 1997. A Day after the Record Canibus released a Statement towards Premo too,but I’m not going to get any deeper into that.
2 days after the Diss Track and Letter,DJ Premier responds in his sort of way by starting it off with Just-Ice’ and KRS-One collabo joint called “Blah,Blah,Blah” and then after about 6 minutes he goes deeper in the situation and explained what he was saying on Vlad TV and gives his opinion onĀ  the stuff he said to Premo on the Record.

His ending words to Canibus (before he went back to the Music):

“Canibus,calm down i still love u brother and let’s not take it past that,because i don’t want to take it to the level of doing a record that’ll outdo yours ’cause it would be the funkiest thing since Dogshit”

I wonder how long this will go because i personally think Canibus was a bit uber-sensitive about that statement. But that’s all I’m going to say about it…
Listen for yourself if you want to hear more from Premo himself (the talking bit should start around the 5:30 mark)
Download: DJ Premier Responds To Canibus [Live From Headqcourterz 15 Minutes Snippet] (via DJ Premier Blog)