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Jay Electronica & Kendrick Lamar – Dear Moleskine [Smu Mix] + Lyrics

Here’s another new mix from me. Since I’ve dropped Sabotage The Throne i’ve been working on more joints for y’all.This is one of them.

It may seem odd but we got a very dope combo of artists here.

And it’s fair to say that this beat can remind you of the golden age of Hip Hop until it turned all Lil Wayne on some people.

Anyhow….Here’s the joint i hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed Sabotage The Throne. If you’d like to read the lyrics hit the Jump after the download to check them out!

Have a Happy Easter everybody!

Download: Jay Electronica & Kendrick Lamar – Dear Moleskine [Smu Mix] (Produced by Just Blaze)
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The Game featuring Nas & Marsha Ambrosius – Why You Hate The Game (2010 Aston Morton Mashup)

Exclusive Ishhhhhh! My dude Reii is back with a brand new mash-up.It’s been a long time since he last dropped a track but i’ll let him explain the whole situation why he decided to come back:


“So I’m back… well, kinda. When I started mixing, I chose to mix the material I liked; my first mixtape, “Jaylib In Wonderland” was some real hip-hop music, and I’ve gotta stick by what I thought on the first playback; that’s one of the realest fan-made mixtapes out there! (Shoutouts to SMU for postin’ it back then, too) That was back in ’09, and since then I gained around 2m YouTube views, more and more Subscribers and fans… by going commercial. I thought I’d broaden my work just to prove to myself and others I can hack all fields of music… whether it be real hip-hop, or some Lil’ Wayne shit!Well, since then, I lost love from all those ‘true’ hip-hop heads who thought I sold out, and we as DJ’s/hosters/whatever you wanna call us, sure as hell don’t get no love from the internet! So, I gave up on the whole music shit for a minute… (and I gotta say, I thought other ‘YouTube’ DJ’s etc would be holding it down… obviously not.)But, considering I did all that in only a year, with the help of a few friends on the way, I thought to myself “forget this shit.” So, from now on, I’mma just mix what I want, how I want, when I want. And, obviously share that with whoever wants to listen… So, without draggin’ this shit out too much, here is a track I mixed, cos I wanted to mix it, and I liked it… hope ya’ll like it too!”

And remember what i said: I only post Shit that i like,if you don’t like it it’s just a matter of taste. But i’ll tell you this mash-up is dope! If you like what you hearing reii has also opened up a new channel on youtube so you can be up to date with his shit.

Download: The Game Featuring Nas & Marsha Ambrosius – Why You Hate The Game (2010 Aston Morton Mashup)

Game – 400 Bars [Skeemix + The Beats]

(Kanye West at the “Wouldn’t Get Far” Video Set,rockin Game’s Chains)

Game dropped the “Original” 400 Bars Joint over Exhibit C about a week ago.Now that he got DJ Skee back on board for his latest Mixtape entitled the R.E.D. Room,it was just right to make a Skee Mix with changing Beats instead of the 20 Minute Madness over Exhibit C (No Disrespect to Just Blaze or Jay Electronica at this point). I went through the Track about 4 times and wrote down all the Beats i’ve recognized. The rest got corrected by other people who were kind enough to help me out. There’s still some Gaps but the majority is done.

Download here: Game – 400 Bars [Skeemix]

The Beats:
Today Was a Good Day,
Apollo Kids,
Ice Cream,
Black Superman,
9 MM,
Shawty Say,
Always Strapped,
Dirt Off Your Shoulders,
Jigga My N***a,
Dead Wrong,
All About The Benjamins,
Men Lie,Women Lie,But Numbers Don’t,
Kinda Like a Big Deal,
Run This Town,
I’m Talkin to you,
Big Poppa,
(scratch,slowed) Ignorant Shit/Summer With Miami;(scratch) I Get Around
Ambitions as a Ridah,
Hail Mary,
Notorious Thugs,
Steady Mobbin,
Go DJ,
Beamer,Benz Or Bentley,
Make The Trap Say Aye,
Say Something,
(Some Waka Flocka Joint),
That’s Gangsta,
Massive Attack,
Good Life,
Air forces,
Hip Hop,
Popular Demand (Popeyes),
Can’t Tell Me Nothing,
I’m Back,
Throw Some D’s,
Scared Money,
My Life,
Dem Boyz,
I’m Goin’ In,
Mama Loves Me,

Big Shout out to DJ Skee for the heads up!

Jay-Z feat Game Smu Mixes

game hova

This Jay-Z vs. Game Beef  is kinda random to me,they took shots at each other a couple of times throughout the years,

but honestly: Would anyone even bother after a couple of weeks (even when the cdq of Blueprint 3 Intro leaks)?!

Probably some of the hardcore game fans will (I’m a Fan of both artists by the way)… i learned something from that Jay and Nas beef back in the 90’s , it’s their problem not ours.(Anyway…)

I posted those “Jay-Z feat The Game” Track series on my old blog but i thought i move them here too since i’m focusing on this blog now,i got 3 Joints for y’all to check out.

Jay-Z feat Game – Show Me What You Got[Smu Mix] (Prod. by Just Blaze)

Jay-Z feat Game – So Ghetto [Smu Mix](Prod. by DJ Premier)

Jay-Z feat Game – Where I’m From [Smu Mix] (Prod. by DJ Premier)