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Kid Cudi,Lil Wayne,Kanye West,Jae Millz & Common – Make Her Say [Smu Mix]


Another Joint fresh outta the Lab!

Kid Cudi gets additional support by Lil Wayne and Jae Millz for his original Track with Common and Kanye.

I got more mixes to come trust me on that one!

Kid Cudi feat Lil Wayne,Kanye West,Jae Millz & Common – Make Her Say [Smu Mix] (Produced by Kanye West & A-Trak)

iSupport Hip Hop: Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon x Raekwon – OB4CL2

Today we had open stores in my city (which is quite seldom for sundays) and i thought I hit my local record store while I had the chance to get there again after 2 weeks.

I checked the shelves for new releases and eyed these 2 CD’s that i had to cop.

I was a lucky bastard because i got the last copy of Rae’s Album in my record store.

Cudi’s album came out on Friday and i thought i support this dude aswell.

I spent 35 Euros for both disc’s but they were worth it.

Go and cop these 2 Albums and support Hip Hop!

Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part 2 10/10 – A fuckin classic to me,it even tops his first OB4CL Part.

Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon: The End Of Days 10/10 – The G.o.o.d. Music Artist made a very solid debut with this Album.

P.S: Before y’all think I’m bullshittin here are 2 Pics that prove it.

Photo 0011

Photo 0010

Kid Cudi feat Chamillionaire – Day N Nite Smu Mix


Chamillionaire jumped on Cudi’s very popular record and although his verse is quite short he did very good to be honest.I also included a lil Cudi Bonus Mix with Willie the Kid so if you want you can download that too by clickin the link below the Day N Nite Mix.

Kid Cudi feat Chamillionaire – Day N Nite Smu Mix

Bonus Mix:

Kid Cudi feat Willie the Kid – Sky High Smu Mix (Prod. by The Kickdrums)