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Royce Da 5’9″ – Bar Exam 2 (No DJ) + Bonus Joints

Here’s the Tagless and Rewindless Version of Royce’s Bar Exam 2 Mixtape. I also included the Bonus Tracks/Tracks that didn’t make the cut in the same Zip File.


01 Heat To The Streets (featuring Kid Vishis) (Produced by Green Lantern)

02 It’s the New (Best Rapper Alive) (Over T.I.’s “Swing Ya Rag”)

03 I’m Me [Remix] (Over Lil Wayne’s “I’m Me”)

04 I’m Nice (Over Game’s “My Life”)

05 Gun Music (Produced by Green Lantern)

06 Weathermen [Remix] (featuring Sucka Free & Kid Vishis) (Over Jim Jones’ “Weatherman”)

07 We Deep (featuring Trick Trick) (Produced by Mr.Porter)

08 Let The Beat Build (Freestyle) (featuring Stretch Money) (Over Lil Wayne’s “Let the Beat Build)

09 Royal Flush (Freestyle) (featuring Canibus & Elzhi)

10 Jockin My Flesh (Produced by Green Lantern)

11 Getting Money (Over Lil Wayne’s “You Ain’t Got Nothing”)

12 Gangsta (featuring Akon) (Produced by Green Lantern)

13 Happy Bar Exam 2 (featuring MarvWon)

14 Ignorant Shit (Over Jay-Z’s Ignorant Shit)

15 Flow Boy (featuring Tondalaya) (Over Game’s Dope Boyz)

16 Been Shot Down (Produced by Green Lantern)

17 Kill ’em [Part 2](featuring Kid Vishis) (Produced by Green Lantern)

18 Wall Street (featuring June The Great) (Produced by Green Lantern)

19 We Everywhere (featuring Kid Vishis) [This can’t be found on the Green Lantern Mixtape Edit]


The Bonus Joints:

01 Best Rapper Alive 2008

02 Check Up On It (Over Beyonce’s “Check Up On it”)

03 I Get Money (Over 50 Cent’s “I Get Money”,After Royce’s Verse there’s just an instrumental obviously it was never finished)

04 Gossip (Over Lil Wayne’s “Gossip”)

05 I Walk Alone

06 Shot Down (Over Kanye’s “Love Lockdown)

07 When I Was Young (featuring Proof) [R.I.P. Proof]

08 Black Girl

09 Blue Magic (Over Jay-Z’s Blue Magic)

10 I’m Me (Over Lil Wayne’s I’m Me ,Better Quality)

11 The Mic (featuring Longshot & Profound)

12 Do Your Thing (featuring Guilty Simpson)

13 Made You Look (Over Nas’ “I Made You Look”)

14 Who Got Bodied (Mistah Fab Diss)

15 Ya Dayz Are Numbered [Remix] (featuring NYGz,Lady Of Rage & Freddie Foxxx (Produced by DJ Premier)

16 102,7 Freestyle (Detroit)

17 Y’all Must Have Forgot!

18 She’s The One (featuring Eminem)

19 Strapped

20 So Sick Of Your Song (Over Ne-Yo’s “So Sick)

21 Success (featuring Obie Trice) (Over Jay-Z’s  “Success”)

22 Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Over Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”)

23 I’m In Love with my Pistol

24 Done Talkin’ (Over Game’s “Big Dreams”)

25 War (featuring Street Lord Juan)

26 Glow (featuring Elzhi)

Download here (Zip,230 MB): Bar Exam 2 No Dj + Bonus Tracks

Enjoy Your Day!