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Rest In Peace Nate Dogg (Open Letter)

R.I.P. Nathaniel Dwayne Hale (August 19, 1969 – March 15, 2011)

When i woke up this morning i saw people talking about Nate Dogg’s Death.Of course i first thought it was a sick joke that somebody made up (You know what the internet is like these days). But when i read further on i saw Snoop Dogg talking about it too so i knew it was serious.

The sad thing is we lost another great Hip Hop/Singer Artist way too early.
When News came out that he suffered from 2 strokes in the last 3-4 years my hopes – that he’d ever made a comeback to the music bizz – were kinda gone from one moment to the next.

The great thing about Nate Dogg was his unique Voice that made every hook that he sung/rapped unique in any way.

He was involved in so many records from Dr.Dre’s “The Chronic” to Mobb Deep’s last LP on G-Unit Records and so many more,so it was fair that the fans called him “the real Captain Hook” because he was THE hook man in Hip Hop.

I grew up with his music so it’s kinda hard to realise that he’s gone….
From a positive note though: We never know how much pain he was suffering from after those 2 strokes,so maybe it’s good for himself,his close friends and family that he doesn’t have to suffer no more.

My condolences go to his Family,Warren G,Snoop Dogg,The DPG and many other people who were very close to this man.

Nate,Rest in Peace! Your Voice and your Music won’t be forgotten to me.Even though i’d loved to see you on some sort of a “Next Episode” Record on Detox maybe.

Gil Scott-Heron featuring Mos Def & Nas – NY Is Killing Me [Smu Mix]

Gil Scott Heron,was 61 year old Jazz Musician and good friend of Nas’ Father Olu Dara hooked up with Nas for the Remix and with Mos Def for the Album Version of his Song called “New York is Killing Me”.

Kinda smooth and knocking Beat plus dope lyrics by Scott-heron,Mos and Nas make this song a good piece.

Enjoy the Song!

Update May 28th: Unfortunately Gil Scott Heron has passed away today. My condolences go out to his Family.

Download: Gil Scott-Heron featuring Mos Def and Nas – New York Is Killing Me [Smu Mix]